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MP Instrumentation offers a range of field services, as well as advice and training on machine condition and vibration system monitoring.


Field Services

  • Installation & commissioning of new monitor and transducer systems 

  • System calibration & maintenance

  • Verification of monitor systems and related proximity, velocity, acceleration and LVDT transducers

  • Software installation, configuration & reconfiguration 

  • Annual, shutdown / turnaround & start-up support

  • Rotor run-out verification

  • Factory acceptance/site acceptance testing & report of monitor systems and their related transducers

  • Troubleshooting & Emergency callouts

  • Repair/retrofit/verification of obsolete Bently Nevada monitor systems


  • Unbiased evaluation regarding the status of your present monitoring systems, monitor and probe system upgrades and advice regarding quotes from potential suppliers



  •  Qualified instructors for training on machine condition and vibration system monitoring in both Ontario and Alberta

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